written by:  Lindsay Munn Content Manager   Mobile features and functionalities may seem like a given – there’s an app for everything. But it’s no longer just a trend. Virtual collaboration platforms are the way business is conducted now – think Asana, Slack, Microsoft Teams – and often from mobile devices. So, why should procure to… Read more »

7 Things to Look for in e-Invoicing Software

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Written by Lindsay Munn Content Manager  According to research from Basware and MasterCard, only 20% of businesses have highly automated accounts payable processes that are optimized to effectively manage invoice payment. Why? One reason is that the solution options can be overwhelming. In this blog post, we’ll help you navigate this undertaking with 7 essential criteria for… Read more »

Written by: Jeff Meredith Senior Analyst Relations Manager   With an array of tax laws, rules and regulations across various countries dealing in multiple currencies, it’s no wonder that global invoice compliance gets complicated quickly. But don’t struggle through the painful details alone, there are global AP automation experts that can help. Multinational organisations often… Read more »

Written by David Reidy – Financing Services Advisor Asking a dozen procurement, finance and treasury executives to take time away from their busy schedules in the middle of the day is no easy feat, but there’s one topic that’s sure to bring them together – working capital optimization. And that was the focus of the Working… Read more »

Written by Eric Wilson – VP of purchase to pay  Do you feel like your procurement team is in good shape when it comes to your existing e-procurement solution? Sure you won’t get “stuck” with an obsolete system? Think about these questions as we discuss the importance of data in procure to pay. It’s not… Read more »

Basware Connect is just around the corner, and is shaping up to be one of the highlights of the 2017 procurement event calendar. Here is Procurious’ view on the top eight things to watch out for on Wednesday 18th October. 1. The very latest on Industry 4.0 Whether you’re from the procurement or finance function,… Read more »

Written by: Lauri Palokangas Product Marketing Director   Think of a financially healthy large company in the U.S. or Europe. What does that bring to your mind? Fluid processes, solid order intake, satisfied employees and broad landscape of suppliers. A rosy picture – isn’t it? Not so fast.   Take off those rose-colored glasses Many large companies… Read more »

Written By Lindsay Munn Content Manager There’s lots of discussion and speculation about artificial intelligence (AI) and the impact it will have on business functions like procurement. In a recent research report, Start Preparing Now for the Impact of AI on Procurement, Gartner says “AI technologies will add significant value if provided with the right platform, so application… Read more »