Written by: Lauri Palokangas – Product Marketing Director Think of a financially healthy large company in the U.S. or Europe. What does that bring to your mind? Fluid processes, solid order intake, satisfied employees and broad landscape of suppliers. A rosy picture – isn’t it? Not so fast. Take off those rose-coloured glasses Many large companies are sitting… Read more »

RPA vs. BPA: What’s the Difference?

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Written by: Eric Wilson – General Manager of Basware North America   When it comes to trending topics, there’s a lot of acronyms getting thrown around these days and sometimes they get used interchangeably when their meanings are actually very different. Robotic process automation (RPA) and business process automation (BPA) are prime examples. Read on to… Read more »

Written by:DANIEL VAN DEN HOVEN – VP PARTNERS & ALLIANCES   Winning the heart of customers – that is what it is increasingly about in these days of growing competition. The arrival of entirely new players on the market is making it tougher to stand out as regards products, services or pricing, for example. Companies… Read more »

Why Procurement Data is Essential for AI

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Written by: Lindsay Munn – Global Content Manager   This blog addresses a key point from Gartner’s recent research report the importance of identifying and ensuring access to procurement data for a future with artificial intelligence (AI). Just like humans need food, artificial intelligence (AI) needs to be fed data – as much data as it can… Read more »

Death to Paper Invoices…Are We Serious?

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Written by – Michael Jasper Basware Director of Network and Financing Services, Americas and APAC Death to paper and OCR processes – there we said it! It’s a pretty bold (and controversial) statement on our part, especially considering the current state of the U.S. market. So, how can Basware state so blatantly that paper is soon… Read more »

Dynamic Discounting – Made Simple

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Written by: Jamie Taylor – Senior Account Manager Interest rates are still hovering at historically low levels, yet many companies are still using payment terms as a financial instrument to manage their funds. Invoices are either paid late, or payment terms are being extended in various markets, leaving suppliers in a precarious cash flow position. What… Read more »

Great work needs great tools

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Written by HELEN STODDART – Sales UK No matter what you do, or where you work, there’s something to be said for taking pride in a job well done. Helping your clients, getting praise from your boss or seeing your own performance improve are all little things that can make any job seem a better –… Read more »

Written by: Tanja Rauniaho-Mitchell – Senior Product Marketing Manager   Picture this: senior management has agreed the company should implement an Accounts Payable (AP) Automation system. The key stakeholders have selected a project team and they are considering the solutions and providers available. Excitement is in the air for the management team and key stakeholders. Automating the processes… Read more »

Written by: Lindsay Munn – Content Manager This blog addresses a key point from Gartner’s recent research report – the skill set you should be developing in the procurement department for a future with artificial intelligence (AI). AI without the skill set to use it is like getting a brand-new sports car and not knowing how to drive it…. Read more »