5 Ways Advanced Analytics Empower Strategic AP

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The accounts payable (AP) team of the future – it’s a conversation being forged in the finance world as automation of back-office functions like AP becomes more sophisticated and widely adopted. But defining how that team functions in daily operations and the tools, skill set and training needed to support this evolution has been somewhat… Read more »

nSYS take on Lairig Ghru!

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Three of the nSYS team are taking on The Lairig Ghru in a bid to raise money for those affected by Multiple Sclerosis. David Jack, our Infrastructure Manager who planned this trip, is doing it to raise money for the MS Society after a close friend was diagnosed. MS Society provide treatments and services, emotional… Read more »

  Why is prompt payment a priority in 2017? Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. They represent over 99% of the five and a half million private sector businesses that make up UK plc, so they’re crucial to driving growth, opening up new markets and creating employment. But for decades, it’s been common… Read more »

Great work needs great tools

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No matter what you do, or where you work, there’s something to be said for taking pride in a job well done. Helping your clients, getting praise from your boss or seeing your own performance improve are all little things that can make any job seem better – and can help ensure there’s a smile… Read more »

Getting invoices paid efficiently requires a number of elements coming together smoothly. Client complaints can often get in the way of cash flow – and this is especially true in the case of a contractual dispute, where customers may choose to withhold their payment until the issue is resolved. Contractual disputes come in all shapes… Read more »

Historical and Future Trends in AP

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To understand where AP is headed, it’s worth a backwards glance to remind ourselves where we’ve come from. Jimmy LeFever, Research Director at PayStream Advisors, gave an inspiring presentation at last year’s UK Basware Connect event in that showed the delta of change in the last decade, and how technology is shaping new practices and… Read more »

Do your credit management results totally depend on IT, the right software and reliable computer hardware? Surely not! Your credit management policy and the skills of your team are far more important. However, appropriate systems, the certainty that everything is up to date and the confidence that assistance is at hand, can make the difference…. Read more »

5 signs you should invest in software

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In today’s world, software is basically an essential part of business. No matter what your company does, you probably use software on a regular basis. Even if it’s just to check emails and write letters. While some basic computer programs might be enough to get a business up and running, most organisations won’t last long… Read more »

Cut the crap: focus on what’s really important!

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Too many reports, red tape, excess admin… there’s so much to do that can feel like it’s getting in the way of doing a good job in your day-to-day tasks. After all, how are you supposed to build client relationships and chase in cash if you’re sitting in front of a spreadsheet all day, trying… Read more »