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Written by:  Martin de Heus at Onguard An efficient, effective and stable credit management process provides your organisation with insight and control. Simultaneously it allows you to focus on strengthening your customer relations. Onguard’s credit management software platform will support and help optimise your credit management process. Would you like to know how? Join our webinar… Read more »

Written by: Sami Peltonen – VP of Product and Business Management at North America Basware According to a study we conducted with The Hackett Group, the most common types of buyer noncompliance that need to be addressed are buying from unapproved suppliers (74%) and through unapproved channels (68%). You’ve likely seen it happen many times… Read more »

That Procurement Guy is So Cool!

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Writen by: Eric Wilson – Senior Vice President & General Manager at North America Basware  Procurement is generally viewed as the bane of everyone’s existence. As the rule-keepers and budget-followers, sometimes it’s easy to say, “I hate that procurement guy.” Or, “that procurement lady is awful.” But procurement people offer a lot more than just process demands… Read more »

6 Ways Not to Drown in Data

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Written by: Kevin Kamau – P2P Analytics Product Manager at Basware  Business asked for more data, and they were rewarded tenfold. And nowadays, there seems to be data coming in from every direction, producing more than can be processed. Every transaction and every interaction your business performs delivers data back to your system and as… Read more »

You can also find this blog post on the Onguard website. “The UK markets are under more pressure since Brexit, make sure your invoice gets paid.” – Ramon van Viegen, CFO, Onguard. Recently, the status of businesses across the globe has started to change. This is especially evident in UK industries. The press reports that… Read more »

Written by: Michael Jasper – Director of Business Development & Alliance at Basware Basware earns accolades for being a pioneer in the open business-to-business (B2B) network approach and offering one of the most extensive, global e-invoicing networks according to the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Procure-to Pay Suites. Just like how the Earth needs its core… Read more »

Martin de Heus, VP of Direct Sales at Onguard, believes that the segmentation of late payers can turn some into loyal customers that pay on time. Credit management departments don’t necessarily believe their job entail keeping the customer happy.  Whereas sales and customer service departments might be trained in the arts of charm and diplomacy,… Read more »

Cutting Through the Complex Problem of Late Payments

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Written by: Martin de Heus – VP of Direct Sales at Onguard  The issue of late payments is often seen as a major problem for small businesses only, with large corporates cast as the ‘villains’, wielding power by holding cash owed to their suppliers.  There is some truth in this assumption. According to YouGov, late… Read more »

Reach Next Level Procurement through Digital Value

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Written by: Emily Farrar – Digital Campaign Manager at Basware If you missed out on our webinar featuring The Hackett Group, read on for highlights and a link to view the on-demand version. Amy Fong with The Hackett Group has more than 20 years’ experience and insight into procurement, supply chain, and organizational effectiveness. She has expertise… Read more »