Great work needs great tools

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Written by HELEN STODDART – Sales UK No matter what you do, or where you work, there’s something to be said for taking pride in a job well done. Helping your clients, getting praise from your boss or seeing your own performance improve are all little things that can make any job seem a better –… Read more »

Written by: Tanja Rauniaho-Mitchell – Senior Product Marketing Manager   Picture this: senior management has agreed the company should implement an Accounts Payable (AP) Automation system. The key stakeholders have selected a project team and they are considering the solutions and providers available. Excitement is in the air for the management team and key stakeholders. Automating the processes… Read more »

Written by: Sami Peltonen – VP of Purchase to Pay   While you’re working on those personal goals in 2018, make a promise to your professional self and we’ll help you keep it. Read on to learn how Basware’s smart coding functionality takes invoice automation one step further. Depending on your organization, the maturity of your invoice… Read more »

Reconciliation and technology – a match made in heaven

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Written by – AHMAD ELHUSSEINIE   Almost everyone within an organisation who deals with accounting – from entrepreneurs to financial administrators and accountants – knows it well: reconciliation. That is, matching entries that belong together in a ledger account. It is a simple but extremely necessary process. Online shops, for example, handle dozens of orders a… Read more »

Written by – Lindsay Munn, Content Manager   This blog addresses a key point from Gartner’s recent research report – the role user adoption of e-procurement plays in embracing new technology like artificial intelligence. There’s lots of discussion and speculation about artificial intelligence (AI) and the impact it will have on business functions like procurement. In a recent research… Read more »

Is my company too small for a credit management policy?

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Getting customers to pay their bills can sometimes be quite a job. Changes to contact details, ignored messages, cash flow problems – all of these (and many more) reasons that customers give for not paying off or not being able to pay their bills mean that credit management teams have truly got their work cut… Read more »

Relationships matter in Order to Cash

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Written by  Daniel Van Den Hoven   Order to Cash: it sounds like such a simple thing doesn’t it? An order comes in, and then a little while later some cash follows it. If only it were that easy! In fact, order to cash (O2C) is a complicated process that requires a lot of work… Read more »

Feed the Need: Why Procurement Data is Essential for AI

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Written by: Lindsay Munn – Global Content Manager   This blog addresses a key point from Gartner’s recent research report – the importance of identifying and ensuring access to procurement data for a future with artificial intelligence (AI). Just like humans need food, artificial intelligence (AI) needs to be fed data – as much data as it can… Read more »

Written by  Ilari Nurmi – SVP Purchase to Pay, Basware     Basware’s purpose is to help P2P organisations simplify operations and spend smarter. We have released several innovations in recent months that can help businesses to drive maximum adoption, maximum automation and maximum visibility. Peer benchmarking   Peer benchmarking is our latest data-driven innovation to… Read more »