8 reasons you won’t want to miss Basware Connect

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Basware Connect is just around the corner, and is shaping up to be one of the highlights of the 2017 procurement event calendar. Here is Procurious’ view on the top eight things to watch out for on Wednesday 18th October. 1. The very latest on Industry 4.0 Whether you’re from the procurement or finance function,… Read more »

Written by John Scholte    We talk about it all the time – a solid customer relationship is essential for good credit management. Why? Well, strong relationships help you to understand your customers’ needs better, and tailor your approach. It can also demonstrate your commitment to your customers and lead to additional sales in the… Read more »

Written by: Lauri Palokangas Product Marketing Director   Think of a financially healthy large company in the U.S. or Europe. What does that bring to your mind? Fluid processes, solid order intake, satisfied employees and broad landscape of suppliers. A rosy picture – isn’t it? Not so fast.   Take off those rose-colored glasses Many large companies… Read more »

Written By Lindsay Munn Content Manager There’s lots of discussion and speculation about artificial intelligence (AI) and the impact it will have on business functions like procurement. In a recent research report, Start Preparing Now for the Impact of AI on Procurement, Gartner says “AI technologies will add significant value if provided with the right platform, so application… Read more »

Written by: Troels Erland Jensen, Head of Working Capital Advisory, Nordea   Dynamic discounting may not exactly be the new kid on the working capital block, but recently there has been a significant uptick in the adoption of this simple but effective payment method. And considering that dynamic discounting can improve a buyer’s relationship with their… Read more »

Written by :Eric Wilson VP of Purchase to Pay   Let me tell you a dirty little secret about supplier networks: solution providers aren’t telling you everything about their ability to connect your suppliers to their network. You’ve got a supplier efficiency problem: POs are sent manually; invoices are received manually; cycle times are slow;… Read more »

Strategic Procurement: A CFO’s Guide to Getting There

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Article written by: Niclas Rosenlew CFO What do we hear from procurement professionals all the time in the industry of Procure to Pay? “Help me be more strategic” or “I want to demonstrate the value of procurement” or “Give me the tools to practice strategic procurement” or “How can I influence the big decisions being made?”… Read more »

5 quick fixes to prevent late payments

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Late payments – Where do you start if you want to prevent them? Check out these 5 things you can do right now to prevent them from messing up your cash flow. For anyone involved in credit management, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that late payments are a problem for businesses of all… Read more »

How Basware Marketing Initiated a Sustainability Project

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Basware recently underwent a little “procedure” to achieve a new look – a total brand overhaul and refresh. Changing brand graphic guidelines and marketing assets is exciting and a great boost to brand visibility. Everyone has a personal view of the new versus the old look, the colors, the pictures and the feelings it awakens…. Read more »