Do your credit management results totally depend on IT, the right software and reliable computer hardware? Surely not! Your credit management policy and the skills of your team are far more important. However, appropriate systems, the certainty that everything is up to date and the confidence that assistance is at hand, can make the difference…. Read more »

5 signs you should invest in software

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In today’s world, software is basically an essential part of business. No matter what your company does, you probably use software on a regular basis. Even if it’s just to check emails and write letters. While some basic computer programs might be enough to get a business up and running, most organisations won’t last long… Read more »

Cut the crap: focus on what’s really important!

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Too many reports, red tape, excess admin… there’s so much to do that can feel like it’s getting in the way of doing a good job in your day-to-day tasks. After all, how are you supposed to build client relationships and chase in cash if you’re sitting in front of a spreadsheet all day, trying… Read more »

Saving money is not good enough anymore – it’s time to spend smarter. Cost savings can only take an organisation so far. There comes a point when processes are streamlined through procurement solutions and accounts payable automation, every pocket of spend is optimised, contracts are as favourable as it gets, inventory carrying is maximised and… Read more »

Basware Partner Event 2017

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Last month I attended my third Basware Partner event, this year taking place in Amsterdam. Myself and three of my colleagues arrived on the Monday to check into the lovely Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin. The first day was a great chance for networking and speaking to solution specialists to get answers to some technical questions…. Read more »

How engaged are your employees?

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It seems like you hear about the importance of customer engagement all the time – how keeping in touch with your market through email, social media and other platforms can help to build brand loyalty, boost trust and encourage personal recommendations. But what about employee engagement? Of course, customers are important – they’re the ones… Read more »

A relationship-focused approach to credit management

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Considering the general rule that 80 per cent of your income is derived from 20 per cent of your customers, it is not surprising that so many firms are afraid of chasing debtors too vigorously for fear of losing their customer. Yet keeping cash flowing, and thus your business’s engine well oiled, is vital in… Read more »

Technology, eh? Where would we be without it? Okay, so sometimes the internet goes down, or you embarrass yourself by accidentally choosing “Reply to All”. We’ve all had days where it just seems like our computers are out to get us. But for the most part, tech is an integral part of our day-to-day lives,… Read more »

The Year Ahead…

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We hope that all of our readers had a very good Christmas and New Year! This year we continue to focus on E-invoicing, e-Invoices make the process of handling supplier invoices easier, faster and more productive – it is one of the key enablers of a fully automated accounts payable function. Companies around the world… Read more »