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Janet Keating – Director of Application and Design

Hello, I’m Janet Keating, the director of application and design at nSYS. I’m responsible for the management of a number of our teams including project managers, business analysts and software engineers. It is also my job to liaise with the project manager and head of services to ensure that resourcing is balanced and that current projects are on schedule for completion.janet

As a company, we have had an extremely busy and exciting start to 2017; a year that has the potential to be a watershed year for solutions such as e-invoicing. Businesses around the world are looking to make cost savings and improve the visibility of their financial status – this is where we can help.

Accounts payable is one of the back office areas that only a few companies have optimised and where more and more businesses are now realising that there are significant savings to be made. Internal centralisation or outsourcing can bring about savings, but the greatest efficiencies will be achieved through the streamlining and automation of accounts payable. Removing paper from the invoice process is critical to achieving these savings.

There are a couple of key catalysts for the current renaissance in e-invoicing. Software applications and technology is now in the financial reach of SME’s, not just the larger corporations and the introduction of regulations and frameworks by governments worldwide that permit the elimination of paper invoices from the financial supply chain. Simply put, e-invoicing is barely touching the water when it comes to the range and depth of work we can undertake here at nSYS.

Looking to the rest of the year, it is my aim to help drive the company to its 2017 goal in terms of turnover and to allow us to complete our business process improvements drive. With developments in the cloud and with more applications now able to go mobile through phones and tablets, the wider industry is most definitely undertaking a transitional period and it’s important that nSYS keeps abreast with these latest technologies.

From a personal viewpoint, I’ve been with the company since day one and it has been extremely satisfying to see how it has developed into what it is today. Working with a range of clients across all business sectors makes every day as interesting as the next. The strength of the team here at nSYS allows the company as a whole to provide an incredibly high standard of work. Throughout the next five years, I believe that nSYS can continue its development into a large multi-national, multi-sector provider of business solutions. These solutions will range from capitalising on what a business may already have, right through to the provision of new applications and system process re-engineering. Exciting times indeed.

If your company currently uses no form of electronic business processing, let me leave you with this thought. Think of implementing Accounts Payable automation as a straight investment into your company. Do you want to be the next company that makes significant savings by automating accounts payable or the last?

LOVE: Laughter and seeing the funny side of life, when a plan comes together and serendipity.

HATE: Procrastination, a closed mind and micro-management.

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