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Julian Keating – Managing Director

Hi, I’m Julian Keating, Managing Director of nSYS Services. My job is directing strategy towards the profitable growth and operation of the team of people that is nSYS.JSK03

In these volatile times the key message out there is:

‘Collaborate, reduce cost & increase efficiency’

Our strategy to answer this call is simple, bring Automation to P2P and ERP integration!

Our biggest area of growth, The Business Commerce Network, is already breaking records. e-Purchase, e-Invoice, direct B2B communication in a P2P network that already processed more that 80 million transactions last year. The running cost is shared by the users, the efficiency change is mind blowing and the impact on bottom line will have the hardest of hard-nosed CEO’s smiling.

These technology changes are not new to us, our team of business analysts and software specialists have been guiding companies through the automation of their systems for decades. Using their knowledge and experience, our teams have planned and managed implementations across the financial spectrum; Purchase-to-Pay/Financial management, Data capture to feed Work-flow as well as the automation of manpower resourcing, tracking and billing for professional services.

Feel free to call for research or visit our website which will be an online home where we will keep you up to date with key changes within the industry, feature exciting new products that we are working with, introduce you to some of our valued team members and generally give you an insight into what working at nSYS is really like – whether it be a new project we have delivered or CSR activity that staff members are undertaking. I hope to provide a range of interesting content that will stimulate discussion as well as inform those who’re less familiar with the industry we operate in.

We have made the conscious decision to embrace social media. It provides a fantastic platform for our company to communicate its messages on a wider scale. Our website is at the centre of this and along with the blog will act as the central hub, giving us an online space to inform and educate not only about nSYS but the business analysis and software industry as a whole. Keep an eye on our LinkedIn page, and follow us on twitter @nSYS_Services, to stay abreast with the latest news and views.

Looking ahead through 2017, nSYS will be building upon the successes and growth of a tremendous 2016. With the exciting innovations in Electronic Purchase communication nSYS has never been better placed with the right services, right products and the right people to bring Collaboration, Efficiency and Cost savings to you and your enterprise.

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