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Our business is not focused on a single sector, by diversifying our market nationwide, we have managed to travel all over the UK to do business with clients. These are the main sectors we work with:




The UKCS (North Sea) has an extended lease of life. Decades of Exploration and Production lay ahead. This makes a complex financial scenario for Exploration and Production companies, as projects involve multiple stakeholders; often from different countries and tax regimes.

At the core of an Exploration and Production organisation, some Enterprise Resource Program (ERP) offers the most expensive way to manage expenditure. Purchase to Pay (P2P) solutions like Basware offer the most efficient, fit-for-purpose tools to control cash-flow while keeping the ERP system able to handle Enterprise-level matters.

Heavy manufacturing is a daily player in the Energy sector. Specialist providers of engineered products don’t have much time for advanced ICT. Often supplying small numbers of high-value components, the suppliers to the Energy vertical need to control cashflow carefully.

In Aberdeen nSYS has helped with this dilemma for over 20 years. nSYS offers the most efficient cash-flow management system for any performer in the Energy sector supply chain.




nSYS provides P2P management for manufacturers of buses, cranes, transformers and generators, packaging and labelling and holiday homes so offers experience and understanding in implementing cashflow controls in manufacturing.

Manufacturing Industries have special requirements when it comes to invoice processing. Supplier Diversity means that the number of suppliers can be huge. Manufacturers have their own part numbers for every component, but Suppliers often use their own (different) numbers. Sometimes, a single line of supply can hold-up a process that involves hundreds of lines. Ensuring timely arrival of goods is essential. Often, there is a grey period in which the receipt of goods is uncertain. Sometimes the invoice arrives before the consignment.

Purchase to Pay (P2P) management from nSYS gives you real-time sight and control of your orders and payments. This reduces errors and speeds processes. It also saves a great deal of cost, as computerised electronic invoicing is one-tenth of the cost of processing printed paper.




Local Authorities have special requirements when it comes to P2P.

Government Framework Agreements mean that buyers can’t buy from whoever they like. Special terms agreed in advance may call upon the Local Authority buyer to choose certain suppliers and particular channels.

With some purchasing in the open market, and other in a closed environment, it is difficult to analyse the overall spend performance.

Local Authorities may have tens of thousands of suppliers. Invoices arrive: through the post; via fax; attached to emails, electronically or via purchasing network. It is difficult to handle such diverse input. Within, a Local Authority may have hundreds of Requisitioners around the City/Borough/County. It is even harder to keep track of all the invoices as they are circulated for approval.

Handling Inbound invoices is expensive. A paper invoice received through the post may cost £15 to reach payment stage. This year the UK Government is calling for Local Authorities to lead the way in adopting electronic invoicing. While this will save the UK several billion pounds, it does put a burden on Britain’s 350+ Local Authorities to press their millions of suppliers to convert to e-invoicing.

nSYS has the answer. A unique Supplier-Onboarding programme lets the Local Authority get-on with approving payment while nSYS converts the suppliers to e-invoicing.

nSYS sponsors the Scottish Local Authority Accounts Payable User Forum, and conducts regular market surveys. From this centre of information, nSYS has the expertise to convert AP Clerks into Cashflow controllers. Far from creating redundancies out of Invoice Automation: nSYS gives AP departments the tools to revolutionise efficiency in P2P.