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Public Sector

Public Sector


Local Authorities have special requirements when it comes to P2P.

Government Framework Agreements mean that buyers can’t buy from whoever they like. Special terms agreed in advance may call upon the Local Authority buyer to choose certain suppliers and particular channels.

With some purchasing in the open market, and other in a closed environment, it is difficult to analyse the overall spend performance.

Local Authorities may have tens of thousands of suppliers. Invoices arrive: through the post; via fax; attached to emails, electronically or via purchasing network. It is difficult to handle such diverse input. Within, a Local Authority may have hundreds of Requisitioners around the City/Borough/County. It is even harder to keep track of all the invoices as they are circulated for approval.

Handling Inbound invoices is expensive. A paper invoice received through the post may cost £15 to reach payment stage. This year the UK Government is calling for Local Authorities to lead the way in adopting electronic invoicing. While this will save the UK several billion pounds, it does put a burden on Britain’s 350+ Local Authorities to press their millions of suppliers to convert to e-invoicing.

nSYS has the answer. A unique Supplier-Onboarding programme lets the Local Authority get-on with approving payment while nSYS converts the suppliers to e-invoicing.

nSYS sponsors the Scottish Local Authority Accounts Payable User Forum, and conducts regular market surveys. From this centre of information, nSYS has the expertise to convert AP Clerks into Cashflow controllers. Far from creating redundancies out of Invoice Automation: nSYS gives AP departments the tools to revolutionise efficiency in P2P.

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