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nSYS Team

Hello I’m Julian Keating, Managing Director of nSYS Services.

My job is directing strategy towards the profitable growth and operation of the team that is nSYS.

Our biggest area of growth, The Business Commerce Network, is already breaking records. e-Purchase, e-Invoice, direct B2B communication in a P2P network that already processed more that 80 million transactions last year. The running cost is shared by the users, the efficiency change is mind blowing.

These technology changes are not new to us, our team of business analysts and software specialists have been guiding companies through the automation of their systems for decades. Using their knowledge and experience, our teams have planned and managed implementations across the financial spectrum; Purchase-to-Pay/Financial management, Data capture to feed Work-flow as well as the automation of manpower resourcing, tracking and billing for professional services.

Looking ahead through 2017, nSYS will be building upon the successes and growth of a tremendous 2016. With the exciting innovations in Electronic Purchase communication nSYS has never been better placed with the right services, right products and the right people to bring Collaboration, Efficiency and Cost savings to you and your enterprise.


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Hello, I’m Janet Keating, the Director of Application and Design at nSYS. I’m responsible for the management of a number of our teams including project managers, business analysts and software engineers. It is also my job to liaise with the project manager and head of services to ensure that resourcing is balanced and that current projects are on schedule for completion.

From a personal viewpoint, I’ve been with the company since day one and it has been extremely satisfying to see how it has developed into what it is today. Working with a range of clients across all business sectors makes every day as interesting as the next. The strength of the team here at nSYS allows the company as a whole to provide an incredibly high standard of work. Throughout the next five years, I believe that nSYS can continue its development into a large multi-national, multi-sector provider of business solutions. These solutions will range from capitalising on what a business may already have, right through to the provision of new applications and system process re-engineering. Exciting times indeed.

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Hello, I’m Tom Simmons, Analyst Developers Team Lead​er at nSYS Services. This role will see myself guide and mould the development team as we look to embrace the latest technologies and methodologies to provide the best solution possible to a client. It’s a fast-paced, ever changing environment that we work in so staying abreast with the latest developments, trends and technologies is key.

nSYS is made up of a team of highly experienced business analysts and software specialists who work closely with the company’s clients to help them enhance their business processes and, ultimately, increase efficiency and reduce costs. The firm’s wide range of solutions enables it to cover the full financial arena, including Purchase to Pay, Data Management, Financial Management and Professional Services Automation.


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Hello, I’m David Jack, infrastructure manager at nSYS Services. At nSYS, my role involves a range of aspects that include resource scheduling, the review of pre-sales technical input and profitability, the development of internal systems, application support, system andinterface deployment, and internal IT support. 

My skillset has very much shadowed the expansion of the company over the past years, allowing me to build up diverse knowledge and experience that I can pass on to others. Although the role of infrastructure manager is a varied one, it essentially involves ensuring that the overall business operations are efficient and that the customer’s requirements are met.

Two important areas that I am also responsible for are project management and workforce management. These two areas are integral to the success of any operation, as the ability to clearly identify the goals of a project and the capacity to recognise and overcome real obstacles prior to the work commencing, ultimately gives the project the best chance of succeeding.


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Hello, I’m Michelle Simmons, Head of Services at nSYS Services. I have worked at nSYS for over 20 years undertaking the role of Senior Business Analyst and Project Manager. It is my responsibility to ensure tasking is evenly distributed throughout the company to make sure all tasks are being completed on time and in the most efficient way possible.

My job as a Project Manager entails initially meeting with my clients and deciding the best solution for the company, I then carry out the rest of the project though to live ensuring it runs smoothly supporting the customer and making sure they are getting the most out of their system. I specialise in deploying Basware solutions such as Invoice Automation, which allows customers to cut costs with a streamlined, automated process.


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