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Case Studies

Aggreko-Case-Study-Thumb                 Oil Rig at Night_shutterstock_186610328 2

Aggreko                                                Xodus Group

Unified global processes improved productivity,                        Energy consultant Xodus Group rely on V1 PSA to automate
reporting and job satisfaction within Accounts                            complex billing, manage profitability and deliver client
Payable at Aggreko.                                                                       transparency across global operations.

Download Aggreko Case Study                                                   Download Xodus Case Study   



ADT-Tyco-Case-Study-thumb                     q8-case-study-thumb

ADT & TYCO                                       Q8

Established a Shared Service Centre (SCC) operation         In 2006, Kuwait Petroleum Benelux took it’s first steps
with an Invoice Automation solution delivered ADT             in electronic invoicing. Today, the project has developed
significant cost reductions.                                                      into a comprehensive solution.

Download ADT & TYCO Case Study                                     Download Q8



ABB-Case-Study                 Philips-Case-study-Thumb

ABB                                                         Philips

Invoice Automation adds value to ABB’s accounts payable     Sustainability is a core value at Philips. The company aims
operations wordwide.                                                                   to keep it’s carbon footprint as small as possible.

Download ABB Case Study                                                         Download Philips Case Study

toshiba case study                   sita

Toshiba                                                     Sita

75% drop in invoicing costs and plans to activate entire              Sustainable invoicing in a sustainable world.
customer base.

Download Toshiba Case Study                                                       Download Sita Case Study


KPN                                cn case study


KPN & Basware                                       The Consortiums

A catalyst for e-Invoicing in the Netherlands.                               The Commerce Network makes buying easy

Download KPN Case Study                                                           Download The Consortiums Case Study

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