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Basware is the global leader in providing purchase-to-pay and e-invoicing solutions in the world of commerce, empowering companies to unlock value across their financial operations. With Basware, small businesses to corporate giants across all industries can simplify and streamline key financial processes to strengthen control, reduce costs and gain proactive insight into cash flows, as well as improve buyer-supplier relationships. nSYS has installed Basware software since its arrival in the UK, and offers in-depth knowledge of the configuration and effective use of this revolutionary suite of Financial Performance software. For those who wish to reduce operational costs to the minimum: all of Basware’s services are available online as hosted or SaaS services.


The Basware Network makes it easy to transact and exchange documents electronically with over 1 million buyers and sellers and more than 220 global partner networks. This means your suppliers and customers are likely already on the Network or one of our partner networks. This makes it easy to send and receive purchase orders electronically, manage your vendor data, connect and pay partners, and get in on discount programs and savings.

The Basware Network integrates easily and quickly with your ERPs, procurement, and accounts payable solutions. In fact, we have experience integrating with over 250 different ERPs. By automating your invoice sending and receiving through the Basware Network, your organisation will also eliminate human errors, drastically save on processing costs, and ensure global compliance. 

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exchange with over 1 million buyers and sellers
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more than 220 global partner netoworks


All e-invoices, regardless of format, are transmitted, converted, and delivered through the Basware Network. This means your AP team is only handling true e-invoices, no matter how your suppliers invoice you (paper, PDF, XML, etc.) And because we provide a solution that can capture 100% of your invoices worldwide, you can achieve 100% spend visibility.

Just as important as what the Basware network does for you is who you can connect with because of the reach you get with the Basware Network. Basware has thousands of buyers and suppliers connected to the Network (so many of your suppliers are likely to already be there), and we also leverage over 220 partner networks to extend our reach into new geographies and industries. So, even if your suppliers opt to use another business network, you can receive their invoices through a single connection.

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Don’t just join a business network – maximise the value you get by joining the largest open business network in the world. The Basware Network is connected with over 220 global partner networks and over a million buyers and suppliers, making it easy to exchange financial documents electronically and access solutions and data to accelerate growth.

“Simplify Operations, Spend Smarter”


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