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Kofax® Limited is a global industry leader in providing cost-saving applications that streamline business processes to improve levels of service, efficiency, compliance and lower operational costs.Kofax combines image and content capture, automation, validation and analysis. These provide a wealth of benefits, including: enabling clients to become more responsive to their customers, improve customer service and reduce environmental impact.

Kofax Capture®

Kofax image and content Capture is a powerful platform which collects scanned documents, transforming them into accurate, actionable information, and delivering it all into your line of business applications, workflows and databases.

Whether information is on paper or in electronic files; held at a central office or scattered on desktops and remote offices: Kofax Capture captures it all quickly and accurately, ensuring complete ‘chain of custody’ of the data, and accelerating core business processes.

Kofax Capture has been successfully installed into many client sites, helping to:

  • Eliminate delays by launching straight-through processing of documents immediately after receiving them
  • Eliminating manual document handling, validation, and data entry
  • Increase productivity by processing more documents with the same or fewer resources
  • Convert data from inflexible form to meaningful searchable content
  • Decrease costs by encouraging paperless processes, assisting companies to reduce their carbon footprint




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