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Type: Case Studies

Tuna Entreprenad

Smoother Invoice Processing frees up time for Tuna Entreprenad

McDonald’s Germany – Basware

In Germany, Mcdonald’s is successfully connecting its suppliers to Basware PDF e-invoice.

WEC Group – OnGuard

OnGuard enabled WEC to put all of their companies and divisions into one system. And bring all the information from each companies into OnGuard daily.

Aggreko – Basware

Unified global processes improved productivity, reporting and job satisfaction within Accounts Payable at Aggreko.

Xodus Group – PSA

Energy consultant Xodus Group reply on V1 PSA to automate complex billing, manage profitability and deliver client transparency across global operations.

ADT & TYCO – Basware

Established a Shared Service Centre (SCC) operation with an Invoice Automation solution delivered ADT significant cost reductions.

Q8 – Basware

In 2006, Kuwait Petroleum Benelux looks it’s first steps into electronic invoicing. Today, the project has developed into a comprehensive solution.

ABB – Basware

Invoice Automation adds value to ABB’s accounts payable operations worldwide/

Philips – Basware

Sustainability is a core value at Philips. The company aims to keep it’s carbon footprint as small as possible.

Toshiba – Basware

75% drop in invoicing costs and plans to activate entire customer base.