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e-Invoicing Sending


Send Invoices Electronically



Connecting customers and sending e-invoices is often complex, especially if you have a large, global customer base. However, mastering e-invoicing – including everything from invoice format conversions, tax compliance assurance and new customer connection activation – is made easy with Basware.



Why e-Invoice sending?

  • Send e-invoices anywhere in the world. Basware has partnered with over 170 e-Invoicing service providers to ensure global reach, as well as compliance with regional and industry standards and networks. Rest assured that Basware can connect you to all your customers – globally and verbally.
  • A single solution to meet all your customers e-invoicing requirements. Basware’s e-Invoicing services integrate with your existing billing processes, providing you with one access point from which to send all your sales invoices electronically
  • Increase your visibility and control over account receivables while reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). Invoice status tracking and collaboration capabilities make trading with customers more efficient and forecasting more accurate.
  • Get your e-invoicing ecosystem up and running with ease. Basware offers proven processes and tools to get all your customers using e-Invoices – from small buyers to strategic business partners
  • Generate immediate cost savings. Get rid of expensive manual processes and start enjoying 100% e-Invoicing from day one.

Basware Commerce Network

When you work with Basware – the world becomes your oyster. The Basware Commerce Network is an open B2B ecosystem that allows all companies – buyers, suppliers and partners – to benefit from connect global commerce.

Easy billing integration

Basware’s e-Invoicing services integrate with your billing processes, providing you with one access point from which to send all your invoices.

Multi-channel invoice delivery

Basware delivers invoices to your customers using their preferred channel and format: as true e-Invoices, through online portals, via email or on paper.

Rapid customer on-boarding

Basware activation services maximises e-Invoice penetration by accelerating customer on-boarding.

Tax compliance assured

Guarantee integrity, authenticity and legibility with Basware global e-Invoicing services.

Validation, conversion and routing service

Basware validates invoice data and takes care of invoice visualisation and format conversions for you.

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