You want outstanding invoices to be paid as soon as possible, but this should obviously not
come at the expense of the relationship with the client you have worked so hard to build. Our
credit management solution, CreditManager, offers you the opportunity to classify customers
based on customer features and past experience. The software then transposes the policy
that is appropriate to the customer group into automated processes and actions. This saves
you the effort, in order for you to have time to concentrate on exceptions and resolve them

The complaints module allows complaints to be followed up appropriately, so that nothing
stands in the way of quick and full payment. This provides you with an overview of
outstanding receivables, enables you to check them and lowers DSO while you maintain your
carefully built-up customer relationships. The management and reporting modules give you
full insight into the process and the potential risks, and help you keep the right people within
your organisation up-to-date.




Customer segmentation

  • Dunning strategies
  • Credit scoring
  • Query handling
  • Clear dashboards
  • Monitoring
  • Insolvency module
  • Payment settlement module FS-DU-EN-2017
  • Role based authorisation
  • Data integration possible with web services
  • Handles high volumes of invoices and debtor

s • No investment in software licences, and therefore short pay-back time







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