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Scan and Capture

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When you read a document, the information in it is transferred to your mind. Now, how do you transfer it from your mind to your computer system? Do you re-enter it manually? How would you automate this?

Until recently, the best you could do would be to scan the document (using a scanning machine), then pass the scanned image through OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software.

OCR software was good at reading characters if they appeared in the right part of the document, but if the words were not in the right places, the document has to be referred back to you for manual entry. OCR automated the input of data only if it was perfect.

Now we have Smart Scan + Capture software from Kofax. It recognises all of the characters in a document, regardless of their position. It identifies terms like: ‘VAT no.’ ‘Invoice’ ‘P.O. Number’ and ‘Total £xxx’.

It corrects defects like paper-folds, watermarks and coffee-cup rings. It re-aligns skewed scans. It even recognises post-it notes accidentally left in the scan.

The result is that Kofax Smart Scan and Capture does more of what your eyes did. It identifies the data as well as reading it.

Best of all, it reads all this from digital attachments to emails, without you having to print them off, then scan them in.

There is no printed paper document. This saves time, reduces labour and reduces errors.

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